Why Completely FREE Software?

This site was born in May 1996 from frustration – frustration that many of the so-called ‘free software’ sites were not offering freeware but shareware, time-limited, or demo software which cost money to use or are not really functional. Only the download was ‘free’.

Even when genuinely free software was offered (usually mixed with shareware), many times there was no indication of its quality, download size, or even which of the listed programs were shareware and which were freeware.

The CFS site is designed to cater to those requirements – good quality, genuinely free software (freeware) which has been checked and rated – programs I use and ones which you will want to use too. While descriptions are brief, there is usually much more information in the CFS Program Review and on the program’s homepage (where the link will usually take you).

For more information about why this site was created, and about a pirate computer club which started my freeware collecting, please check out Confessions Of A Software Pirate.

Graham Pockett, Founder & Editor
Completely FREE Software

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Build as one: A practice methodology for the building industry

Today, building enterprises around the globe are applying best practices and the technology solutions that enable them. Bentley is proud to provide these solutions, and to support these enterprises as a trusted provider. Architecture, engineering, construction, and building operation practices would be well-served to learn about these successes and the technology solutions that enable them, and evaluate how these successes and solutions relate to practices, challenges, and aspirations as firms move to build as one.

Consider the all in one digital lounge from Harmon Kardon.

Our latest system can do a lot more than just win design awards. The Harman Kardon® Digital Lounge empowers you with the full bandwidth of digital entertainment. Watch movies, listen to music and plug in all the fun tools – game consoles, MP3 players, cameras, PCs – you desire.

It's time to experience 360° entertainment in legendary Harman Kardon surround sound on one of our latest 32", 40" & 46" high-definition LCD flat-screen TVs.

Mio C520T Satellite Navigator

The wide screened Mio C520T Satellite Navigator, promises to give accurate guidance on road, with some of the latest technologies built into it. Finding your way through the city, and reaching your destination is made easy with this portable co-pilot.

The handheld allows you to type in the post code of the location you want to reach and guides you along the way, with audio and visual signals. With the TMC feature, that comes integrated in its cradle, you can navigate around traffic jams and other obstructions, and reach your destination faster. A unique feature that the navigator offers, is its split screen, that allows you to watch a small section on the side of the screen, apart from the main navigation view. You can choose to view your next four manoeuvres or local Points of Interest or route/timing data or speed camera locations in this side view. Attending phone calls while driving is made easier as well, with the bluetooth hands-free technology. This allows linking of a blue tooth enabled mobile phone to the navigator, which switches from navigation mode to phone mode. Also, deceive speed cameras while driving, with the prior warning about their locations, given by the navigator. This service comes for free for a year after purchase. A good set of Points of Interest have been built into the device as well, which makes it easy to locate petrol bunks, cash machines, parking lots, hotels and more. The powerful SiRFstar III GPS receiver along with the MioMap v3.3 software, are employed by the device, to do a good job of picking up signals from the satellite, holding them, even amidst the city or countryside and doing necessary calculations for route guidance.

Apart from navigation, a built-in SD/MMC memory card slot, lets you listen to music, or view your pictures from an SD card as well. A USB 2.0 port is available too, to transfer data to and from a PC. Mio C520T GPS’s 1GB ROM holds Tele Atlas maps of 22 countries, which include Great Britain, Ireland and other west European countries. Multi-lingual instructions are available too, to help you with the operations of the device. The touch sensitive, 4.3” colour transflective LCD wide screen, makes viewing and operating the device very easy. The screen resolution offered is 480 x 272 pixels.

Display wise, the Mio C520T navigator, definitely seems to have made a big leap ahead. However, certain external controls like volume and mute buttons that were present in the predecessor models, have not been included here. But on the whole, the light, handy and accurate, Mio C520T Global Positioning System, might really excite the adventure spirits in you and surely make you want to “Explore More”.

Evesham Zieo NX600 HDX - The Latest Gaming Machine

To suggest that it’s a powerful device incorporating the latest technologies, the company associates its image with one of the most advanced shooter games,Crysis, known for its high-end system requirements. And indeed, this laptop is one seriously capable machine coming at a price of no less than $3880. Now let’s see why! First it is uses the Intel’s latest X7900 Xtreme, a powerful processor specially designed for the latest breakthrough technology and intensive usage, running at 2.8GHz, with 4MB cache and a frequency of 800MHz. In addition it has 4GB DDR II RAM memory, 1GB Intel Turbo Memory for 20% faster boot time and up to 2x faster loading of applications, and 200GB HDD storage characterized by the 7200rpm.

GTA for iphone

Rockstar Games, the developers behind the Grand Theft Auto series, announced on Monday that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will be coming to Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch this fall. The developer also announced that Beaterator, an app that allows users to create "world-class beats and songs," will also be made available on the App Store. Like the Chinatown Wars title, Beaterater is slated for...

A to Z about new Aple iPod nano

The world’s most popular music player video camera. Shoot high-quality video in portrait or landscape — perfect for posting on the web or emailing friends. iPod nano also includes a microphone that captures clean audio you can listen to during playback on the built-in speaker.iPod nano now has a polished anodized aluminum finish in nine electrifying colors. And a larger 2.2-inch color display...